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Our environmental policy

The idea about YAG came to many years ago when the first mineral makeup arrived on the Swedish market. Pretty soon it was cleat that many reacted with redness and itching.

The substance that cause the itching is called bismuth oxychloride. The solid substance bismuth is a heavy metal that is lightly radioactive and very similar to arsenic in it’s structure. Oxidized bismuth is a pretty pinkish hue, and ways a lot which is why it came to be used in e.g. foundation, rouge and eyeshadow.

If you take a hair sample and send it to analysis it is possible to see who uses makeup with bismuth in it, so remember to keep track on what is in the makeup you use. It is your responsibility as consumer. Of course, no makeup with to high concentrations of bismuth in them are sold in Sweden. The amounts in them are not dangerous in the short term, but can cause itching and reaction in the skin. But have you thought about what the heavy metal could do to your body in the long rung? We don’t actually know that today, as there is no long-term studies or research on it.

Because of this, YAG came to be. You have to be able find a mineral makeup on the market that is free from harming and clogging substances like bismuth, talc or and mineral oils. All YAG Sweden’s products are safe to use and we only use the absolute best ingredients available on the market. We never compromise on quality. Our products are tested in a approved laboratory and registered in the European register for cosmetics.

YAG Sweden’s, organic & vegan mineral makeup is made in Sweden, Halmstad.

We only use the absolute best ingredients in our products and never compromise with quality. We produce under Swedish employment and working regulations and laws. We do not only want to contribute to sustainable thinking and future, but we also wish to create more working opportunities.

When we for example buy ingredients with long shelf-life we make large purchases. When it comes to ingredients with short shelf-life we instead order a calculated amount so that we don’t have to waste what nature produced.

It is important to keep check on the stock status of the ingredients and order smart to keep environment impact from transport etc. to a minimum. The same is true for packing material.

When we pack orders we almost exclusively reuse material we received from our orders received. This is to keep our environmental impact to a minimum here as well. The products are packed in environmentally friendly acid-free FSC-certified tissue paper printed with ink made from soy. For bigger shipments we pack our wares with fat-free unsalted organic popcorn. These are handled with gloves and are in principle fully eatable. These are sorted as food-waste or in a compost if one is available. We encourage all our customers to reuse and recycle all our packing materials and packages.

We constantly think about the environment and what impact we have on it!


Malin Glitterstjärna

A 33 year old self-taught makeup artist that has a passion for makeup as a form of art, and for nature and likes to combine the two. She lives in Falun with her girlfriend and their two chihuahuas Ella and Stina, and they enjoy spending time in nature photographing. You can find her at @makeupisart_by_malin!