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YAG’s new ambassador, Malin!

Meet YAG sweden’s new ambassador, Malin! ?

A 33 year old self-taught makeup artist that has a passion for makeup as a form of art, and for nature and likes to combine the two. She lives in Falun with her girlfriend and their two chihuahuas Ella and Stina, and they enjoy spending time in nature photographing. You can find her at @makeupisart_by_malin on Instagram!

As an ambassador for YAG she will share different YAG-products in her posts, show upcoming YAG-news and give her followers unique offers. We look forward to a lovely cooperation with Malin and hope it will be long-lasting.

Welcome to the YAG-family, Malin ?

Now we plant trees!

From now on we donate 1 SEK per sold product to planting trees with Better Globe, for a better environment and social sustainability.

We have chosen to donate to Better Globe based on their work, not only for the environment, but also to decrease poverty in the areas where they operate. We are still a small company but we believe in a future where consumption can go hand in hand with a better environment and social sustainability for everyone.

Better Globe Forestry Ltd (BGF) establishes and runs tree plantations in dry and semi-dry areas in Eastern Africa. Together with local farmers, several different kinds of trees are planted and cultivated on ground that is hard to grow on. For the contract-farmers the benefits are many: Greater financial security, better soil conditions, access to technical support and education, reduces soil erosion, support for their children’s education etc.

What BGF does with the help of Better Globes customers is:

  • Helps people to self-helpthe company believes in teaching people to fish, rather than giving them fish.
  • Planting treestransforms dry and destroyed land to green and productive areas that improves the local environment, counteracts climate changes and erosion and gives a predictable financial return.
  • Finance locally owned microfinance banksLoan-takers also becomes stakeholders in the banks when receiving a loan. To make sure of long-term success, financial competence is taught to strengthen the community economy.
  • Provide waterThe funding provides for water-related projects and the contract-farmers get education in water-usage and water-saving, by forestry-representatives that works on the fields.
  • Support educationThe best way to help people change their situation is through education. For every donation package that is sold, a part of it goes to build and renovate schools.
  • Cooperate No one has ever accomplished anything of this magnitude by themselves. BGF’s cooperation and partnership is the key to ours and theirs success.
  • Profit distribution To finance the organization, BGF needs your and our help. In return you get a share of the profit of the two products that are sold by Better Globe AS, trees and donation packages. The profit comes from forestry and cultivation of trees in dry and semi-dry areas. The local processing of tropical tree species to sustainable quality products that are sold on the global market is the last stage of the organizations profit generating operation.

Every product that is sold at YAG sweden contributes to a better world!

Hello and welcome!

Åsa and Freja

This blog will be filled with good and necessary information about cosmetics and skincare, for those who wish to be able to find reliable information online. We know how hard it can be to find good information online, specifically about ingredients and products, since there are so many different articles to choose between when searching on for example Google. Often no sources are provided, or the articles are based on personal opinions, or are in some way angled to give profit to a brand or company.

Our goal is to write as objective articles we can about different products, ingredients and related subjects, with provided sources for reliability. Our goal is to publish an article once a week, probably on Mondays or Tuesdays.

We will also announce YAG-news here so if you are curious, pop in now and then!

Fun to have you here, and hope we have woken an interest in you, and will see you here again.

Hugs, Åsa & Freja at YAG Sweden

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